Tree Removal
Columbia Arborists

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Leave Tree Removal to Professionals

Tree removal might be needed for a range of reasons including the security and health of the property, storm damage, decline off health or death of the tree, and new construction. we all know that removing trees, especially large trees, is a dangerous task and our customers property is extremely valuable. Our experienced team is accustomed to the blocking and tacking method, which allows us to get rid of trees without damaging surrounding flower beds, fences, or houses. Tree clearance work should only be dole out by those that are trained in safe practices working with trees and who are insured for the protection of the customer and their property. Although tree removal may be a delicate and dangerous task, we at Columbia Arborists have put safety first.

We Always Offer Free Consultations For Tree Removal

All team members attend weekly safety sessions to protect themselves and our customers, based on the ANSI Z133.1 Safety Requirements for Tree Service Companies.

A typical tree removal involves sawing and towing the trunks, but stumps can be ground or cut down depending on the location and customer requirements. Our tree experts remove the trees using the latest techniques to ensure effective, safe work.

Although the removal of trees is a last resort, there are circumstances in which it is necessary. A tree expert can help decide whether a tree should be removed and we are fully insured for our and your protection.

If you have a tree that needs to be removed or just want to consult a tree expert to determine if the tree could pose a hazard. Contact the Columbia Arborists by filling out our online tree service form or by calling us at (803) 756-3556.